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The Ladies of Waterhouse
In art beauty takes from
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25th-Aug-2006 11:36 am - I am half-sick of shadows
sweet mary of silence.
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8th-Sep-2006 10:32 pm - I am half sick of shadows.
heroine addict
EDIT: I noticed that two of my photos didn't show up, so I fixed that for you! Er, and I also changed on so they were all more recent, because I posted in this comm a looong time ago. I hope that's allowed. XD

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17th-Sep-2006 04:50 pm - I'm half sick of shadow.
Name: Jennifer.
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Name: Jennifer.
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Birth month and date:25th of June 1989

Fav. color(s):Jewel colours. Emeralds, saphires etc.

Fav. Waterhouse painting: Lamia 1909

Three words to describe your self: Generous, Irrational and Sneaky.

Fav. myth or legend: Anything involving the Muses. Or the irish war goddess Morrigan. Oh and my all time favourite Helen of Troy.

Special talents/Hobbies: I'm a professional photographer so I'd class that as a 'talent'. My hobbies include reading, going to gigs, listening to music (mainly Beck and Regina Spektor). A great hobby of mine is learning as much as I can about whatsoever I'm currently interested that week. For example this week its flowers.

Anything else you want to share: Nature is my life long love. I am never as happy when i'm surrounded by it. May it be a park or the beach.

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Post at least 3 CLEAR photos of yourself:

<img src="http://myspace-861.vo.llnwd.net/00733/16/89/733019861_l.jpg" border="5">

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12th-Jan-2007 12:22 am - i'm half sick of shadows
dressy chucks
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