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The Ladies of Waterhouse
In art beauty takes from
I'm half sick of shadows! Says the Lady of Shalott. 
24th-Nov-2007 08:30 pm
Actress: Liv: Whats your name

Name: Katie
Birth month and date: September 2, 1988
Fav. color(s): Silver, and then pink!
Fav. Waterhouse painting: Psyche opening the door to Cupid's Garden. I love it. It's my favorite myth, and Psyche looks exactly how I imagined her. Such a beautiful painting.
Three words to describe your self: kind of shy, laidback, reserved
Fav. myth or legend: Psyche and Eros! Such a beautiful story of true love and devotion. It touches me.
Special talents/Hobbies: I'm an actress! I love to sing and dance. I also do needlepoint and write for fun.
Anything else you want to share: Thank you for voting for me! please stamp me. :)
Links to two places in which you promoted this community: in my LJ and also in my userinfo.
Post at least 3 CLEAR photos of yourself:

14th-Sep-2008 11:56 am (UTC) - Unwelcome Companion
Unwelcome Companion

14th-Sep-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Boreas, I think. :)
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