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The Ladies of Waterhouse
In art beauty takes from
I am half sick of shadows 
15th-Jan-2008 06:32 pm

Name: Danielle
Birth month and date: 8/20
Fav. color(s):Pink, blue, purple, silver, black, gray
Fav. Waterhouse painting: Ophelia (blue dress)
Three words to describe your self: talkative, loyal, sensitive
Fav. myth or legend: a few too many to name. I'm hugely into folklore and legends picking one would take me forever.
Special talents/Hobbies: drawing, writing, knitting..
Anything else you want to share:mm. Nope.
Links to two places in which you promoted this community:



Post at least 3 CLEAR photos of yourself:

14th-Sep-2008 11:52 am (UTC) - The Lady Clare
The Lady Clare

14th-Sep-2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
The first photograph in particular makes me think of St. Joan.
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