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The Ladies of Waterhouse
In art beauty takes from
i am half sick of shadows.. 
2nd-Sep-2007 05:16 pm
Name:  Lucy Gray
Birth month and date: 18th of May
Fav. color(s):  turqoise, mossy green, blue in general, gold
Fav. Waterhouse painting: The Bridesmaid, Boreas
Three words to describe your self:  odd. petite. dreamy
Fav. myth or legend: the daughter of king underwave, anything to do with Banshee's, Ireland, the fens and Black Shuck
Special talents/Hobbies: I can play piano, but it takes me ages to read music
Anything else you want to share:  nien
Links to two places in which you promoted this community: I haven't got anywhere to do so!
Post at least 3 CLEAR photos of yourself:

14th-Sep-2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
Could you please repost your photographs? They don't seem to be showing up. (And if you have a moment to reply to my message when you do it I'll be sure to come back and take another look!)
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